Sugar Brown's Sweet Treats 

Gourmet Cookie Company provides cookies made with ingredients that are as close to its natural state as possible purchase locally where available. Family owned and operated ran by, ArCina Beard, her husband Zadek along with their two teenagers Akel and Neya, manufacturing cookie dough, baked cookies and other gourmet items.  Many of our flavors has a concept of  drop and bake, as this makes offer frozen cookie dough easier. Cookie dough allows you to interact in the baking process without doing all the work, to give you that “fresh baked” taste at home.

Our Why

The reason ArCina began baking was to control what her family was eating, since they were big “Cookie Monsters”, using quality ingredients that are processed without chemical additives was the best way to feed their sweet tooth and keep them healthy. Our products were created with the Love of family in mind, offering them to you gives you a little bit of that Love, hence our tagline Made with Love you can taste!

Who is Sugar Brown?

Sugar Brown was a name that an uncle created for ArCina, this was a childhood nick name that was never abandoned.  ArCina has been baking for the past 10 years, utilizing her MBA she created Sugar Brown’s to focus on just cookies. Baking is a creative outlet for her and she wanted to use cookies to show how versatile they can be.